[350-401]Cisco EtherChannel PAgP Mode Combination


Which of the following combinations of PAgP modes prevents etherChannel from forming?
  1. auto/desirable
  2. desirable/desirable
  3. desiravle/auto
  4. auto/auto
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Combination of EtherChannel (PAgP) operating modes

Cisco’s proprietary EtherChannel negotiation mechanism PAgP has two modes to set up the interface.

  • Desirable
    le PAgP unconditionally. Start sending negotiation messages to other ports.
  • Auto
    able PAgP only when a PAgP device is detected. In other words, it waits for an on-the-other request and responds to a request for PAgP negotiation. This reduces the transmission of PAgP packets.

Auto and Auto do not start negotiating PAgP from the above mode.

A combination of Desirable/Desirable and Desirable/Auto is required to use PAgP.
Therefore, the com
bination that prevents formation is .