• 2021-04-05
  • 2021-04-05
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Be careful with meraki MR’s L3 firewall settings

Meraki, a cloud-managed network device that is one of the Cisco products, has attracted a lot of attention in recent years! It is also very easy to set up, manage, and become a very convenient and popular product in remote work environments. In addition, it is very speedy at the time of introduction, and it can be used simply by connecting Meraki to a port that is connected to the Internet. It is a very favorite product among me! Therefore, I will introduce the MR series “Default setting of firewall function” that I met many times in various environments in the author. About meraki MR series firewalls About features The Meraki MR series is an access point, but a firewall function is implemented. There is a “firewall”, but it is not a function like UTM, but “access list (ACL)” of layer 3 and layer 7. (*Adult content filtering is possible in NAT mode.) ) Layer 3-level ACLs allow you to specify transport protocols (UDP, TCP, ICMP), destination IP addresses (segments), and destination port numbers, allowing/blocking radio client traffic as it crosses mr uplinks. Note) Cisco devices basically have ALL Deny set on the last line, while Meraki MR has ALL […]